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Abu Dhabi Art Pavilion Prize 2021 Winner
November 2021

In collaboration with Jennifer Tsai and Roudhah Al Mazrouei
with mentors Goffredo Puccetti, Felix Beck, and Matt Karau

Impermanence is an iconic, fully sustainable pop-up structure that is designed to completely disappear after it is used. In order to achieve this goal, it uses only ready-made and recyclable materials: reused (and reusable) scaffolding, and “living” canvas that will receive a second life by being transformed into tote bags, wallets, and other merchandise. This does not only reduce the waste generated by items such as single-use plastic bags, but also encourages participation from the visitor by allowing people to take a piece of the pavilion home with them. The structure was fully built and showcased during the 2021 Abu Dhabi Art Fair.

“The most sustainable temporary pavilion is one that truly disappears after it is used.”

Technical Specifications
Area - 100 m2
Budget - 150,000 AED (40,000 USD)
Materials - Scaffolding, Canvas
Lifespan - 2 weeks

In the Media
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︎︎︎ NYU Abu Dhabi
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About the Award
The Abu Dhabi Art Pavilion Prize was launched in 2017, inviting university students from across the United Arab Emirates to develop architectural proposals for a Pavilion. Each year the winning design is realised at the Abu Dhabi Art fair and seen by thousands of visitors. It is conceived as a temporary structure that remains during the week of the art fair at Manarat Al Saadiyat, with the potential to be repurposed or relocated.