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Bayanihan Kubo
Autodesk Design for Social Impact Entry
February 2018

The Bayanihan Kubo is based in Zambales, Philippines, a region where I have worked with the local community in the past months, where Mount Pinatubo affected the indigenous Aeta population. Its goal is to use locally available resources to create a simple yet innovative type of relief housing against potential disasters, including flooding, typhoons, and landslides. The project builds upon the iconic Bahay Kubo or “Nipa Hut”, a well known symbol of Philippine Culture, and stems on the idea of Bayanihan, or working together, usually to transport houses. As such, the project is made out of local and sustainable materials, such as bamboo, and nipa leaves, as well as using Lahar from the eruption for its base and joints. The project standardizes similar components of a Nipa Hut and allows all pieces to interlock to form various combinations of structures, to be prefabricated by the Aetas which would also sustain their livelihoods. These ideas would offer a better design response in emergency situations while remaining sustainable and embodying the resilience of Filipinos.